A Cactus Miracle Grafting TBM

That’s a miracle my friends!! These beautiful #plants never cease to amaze me! I’ve only been a #cactusfarmer for about a year now & I need to find a way to get some land so I can turn my collection into mother plants and free them from the pots. Phoenix is TOO HOT for them, so I’m thinking somewhere like the foothills around #Tucson one day!?

Posted on Instagram under @NateArizona on September 20th: “This little #ShortForm #TBM #Bridgesii mutant was hollow and #cavernous on the inside aka hollow like a bell pepper but somehow the graft survived & now he’s getting ready to spawn a new pup, & continue to grow.

Update on October 17th, 2020: This is a piece of #Trichocereus #Bridgesii #Montrose (mutant) that I grafted about four months ago: I didn’t think it would survive. It was hollowed out like a bell pepper when I cut it off a dying plant. Well it survived and I posted a pic of it on September 20th that showed this offset being born and now it’s strong and healthy. 🙂 I consider this a miracle and LIFE is humbling! 🌵