About Alien Cactus

Every time share words from the heart, it is a constant prayer against evil and darkness in this world. I didn’t just start growing cactus like crazy; my intuition had to be ignited by a spark from the Unknown. That green thumb wasn’t truly spawned until I moved from Southern Utah to Southern Arizona. Still, a year later, I’m in a tight spot of the Covid-19 Pandemic and trying to figure out reality under new paradigms that are being born because of this disease.

The world is changing rapidly, but I was called to Southern Arizona before the pandemic. I was instructed by a higher source to come here. I would be guided on the path I was supposed to take. The Cactus Nations became central in their role of being apart of that bigger picture and now I have acquired a few hundred specimens in less than a year.

They are all growing and propagating and a few have died. It’s an emotional loss for me when one of my plants succumbs to disease, or a mistake I make. I’m learning and they rely upon me for their survival so I’m learning quick. This is just the tip of the iceberg on this story and I will continue to tell more.

So here I am. I’ve been buying and selling cactus. It’s all starting to make sense after one-year in Arizona of what my goals are. This is where I’m supposed to be. Somewhere in Arizona I am supposed to settle, grow old, and build a stronghold, a heirloom project, which will outlive my existence on this Earth. These Cactus Nations are helping me in this mission…in this goal, because my success hinges on theirs.

Ever since I’ve been cactus farming, humming birds, pigeons, and other desert creatures have made my sacred space, their safe place as well. Welcome to Alien Cactus, a place to share thoughts, insights, inspiration, news, and reviews on everything I do concerning Cactus growing, farming, propagating and beauty.